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I am george j porter iii have traveled costarica, panama ,nicaragua since 1985. I am
. I am putting 30 years experience to work putting groups of small investors together to double their money deals, these will be land deals, example i find a deal on 40 acres, for say 50k. 10 investors put up 5k. they can also say i want to keep my 10% in land and they would be deeded 5 acres free and clear Or stay in the corporation ,we sell 4  10 acre tracts at 25k each, that 100k is split with investors 10k to each 5k investor. you decide if you want in the deal,you decide if you want to keep the land. you decide to sell or not.This is meant to give all size investors a chance to get involved.I have several projects going here is a brief list Spread the word lets
get a group together.
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Protest have dropped prices 20%It is Time to buy, let me know if I can help
25 years traveling nicaragua,costa rica,panama, Colombia I am in short, tell me what you want I will find you a deal,I will be working for you,no kickback deals.Old us marine MP, you pay the trip, if you like the deal,I would expect a tip, it will be up to you.I am building a fun career to carry me on out..nicaragua is down will come back quickly maybe 3 to 5 years.